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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Bonnie Iftody Principal (604) 853-8374 bonnie.iftody [at]
Ms. Sharon Phillips Vice-Principal (604) 853-8374 sharon.phillips [at]


Name Position Div Phone Email
Mrs. D. Bourgeois Kindergarten 17 604-853-8374 danielle.bourgeois [at]
Mrs. S. Prom Kindergarten 14 604-853-8374 sarah.prom [at]
Mrs. A. Smith Kindergarten 16 604-853-8374 allison.smith [at]
Mrs. J. Ladhar English Language Learner 604-853-8374 jasjit.ladhar [at]
Ms. L. Reimer Grade 1 12 604-853-8374 leanne.reimer [at]
Mrs. B. Wiebe Grade 1 13 604-853-8374 bryanna.wiebe [at]
Mrs. R. Sidhu Grade 1/2 11 604-853-8374 raman.sidhu [at]
Ms. S. Dorgan Grade 2 10 604-853-8374 sara.dorgan [at]
Mrs. J. Mullaly Grade 2 09 604-853-8374 jennifer.mullaly [at]
Mrs. N. Barker Grade 3 06 604-853-8374 nicole.barker [at]
Ms. A. Schoepp Grade 3 07 604-853-8374 amanda.schoepp [at]
Mrs. B. Stackelbeck Grade 3 08 604-853-8374 britta.stackelbeck [at]
Mrs. A. Reimer Grade 3/4 05 604-853-8374 alexa.reimer [at]
Mr. K. Byrne Grade 4 04 kree.byrne [at]
Ms. R. Virk Grade 4/5 03 604-853-8374 rhea.virk [at]
Mr. R. Holwerda Grade 5 02 604-853-8374 randal.holwerda [at]
Mr. B. Taylor Grade 5 01 604-853-8374 brett.taylor [at]
Mrs. M. Durdovic Kindergarten 15 604-853-8374 monika.durdovic [at]
Mrs. L. Unger Learning Support Services 604-853-8374 laura.unger [at]
Mrs. P. Jutras LSS/RTI 604-853-8374 pam.jutras [at]
Mrs. K. Mossey LSS/RTI 604-853-8374 korey.mossey [at]
Mr. C. Gibson P.E. (Monday & Half Day Thursday) 604-853-8374 cody.gibson [at]
Mr. M. Muller P.E. and LLC 604-853-8374 mike.muller [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. S. Kenyon Administrative Assistant 604-853-8374 shelly.kenyon [at]
Mr. L. Coraza Custodian 604-853-8374 lucito.coraza [at]
Mrs. E. Dorozan Custodian 604-853-8374 emerita.dorozan [at]
Mrs. C. Hendricks Education Assistant 604-853-8374 connie.hendricks [at]
Mrs. N. Kaur Education Assistant 604-853-8374 navdeep.kaur [at]
Mrs. L. Lee Education Assistant 604-853-8374 lori.lee [at]
Mrs. J. Ortis Education Assistant 604-853-8374 jen.ortis [at]
Mrs. J. Wallace Education Assistant 604-853-8374 jennifer.wallace [at]
Mr. R. Derksen Educational Assistant 604-853-8374 rob.derksen [at]
Ms. T. Farr Educational Assistant 604-853-8374 tanya.farr [at]
Mrs. R. Gill Educational Assistant 604-853-8374 ramandeep.gill [at]
Ms. E. Neill Educational Assistant 604-853-8374 emily.neill [at]
Miss A. Star Educational Assistant 604-853-8374 Amanda.Star [at]
Mrs. B. Caplette Indigenous Support Worker 604-853-8374 brenda.caplette [at]
Mrs. A. Franklin RTI/Education Assistant 604-853-8374 anne.franklin [at]
Ms. L Nguyen Strong Start Facilitator 604-853-8374 linda.nguyen [at]
Ms. S. Warraich Youth Care Worker 604-853-8374 silvia.warraich [at]