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Blog: Monday, March 30th, 2020

A Few Words From Our Godson Administrators

Dear Godson Families,

Today is usually the day most teachers and students start to get excited about returning to school after a refreshing break.  It’s been a difficult two weeks for everyone as we are all learning to adjust to the new rules of physical/social distancing, while also making plans for our families to stay healthy and safe.  This week, our teachers and support staff will be learning about how to use tools for distance learning. We want to thank you for helping us with this transition, as teaching remotely is very different than teaching in a classroom setting!  That said, our main goal is to connect with our students and families. Each teacher will be personally calling families to connect and learn the challenges you face, so we can make plans to help meet your needs.  Teachers will also use this information to develop the best way to help your child with continued learning. With this in mind, you may find that learning will look different in many “virtual classrooms”.

After this initial week of learning and planning, our educators will begin providing learning activities and experiences for their students on Monday, April 6th. This week, our teachers will be organizing classroom supplies and preparing them for pick up this Thursday and Friday. Our main communication platform will be See-Saw, which thankfully we already have in place.   

We understand the complexities and potential stresses of learning at home and we will endeavor to approach all families with kindness and grace. We miss our students, their stories, smiles and the energy they bring. We hope to see them all soon in person but until then, we hope to connect in other technological ways.  Also, Remember, we are a Godson family, and no one is in this alone!  

With Loving Hearts,
Mr. Laird & Mrs. Chenier