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Blog: Thursday, August 15th, 2019

A Message From Mr. Laird

Looking Forward to Another Good Year at Godson! Let’s Talk About Healthy Living

I hope each of you have had a time of fun and rest over the summer months. Overall the weather throughout the summer has been quite pleasant – not too hot, not too cold, some rain, and lots of sun. Soon we will be getting the school ready for the year ahead and will be ready to welcome the students and parents into another journey of learning. Such an exciting time.

One of the new things I am taking on this year, is posting a principal’s blog on our school website, at least once a month. One area of focus on the posts this year will be on healthy living. I will attempt to look at research, and the latest, best advice, and pass it on, as we all (including myself) try to embrace healthy lifestyle habits for ourselves and for our children. On that note, and to end my post, I leave you with several healthy food reminders as you think about meals for your children as they return to school. Here’s to good health!

Packing a Healthy Lunch

To prepare a healthy lunch, stick to the basics. Include food from each of these groups:

fruits and vegetables

whole grains

source of protein

Try matching up oranges, snow peas, whole wheat pita and a hard-boiled egg, for example. Or Asian pear, red peppers, brown rice and canned salmon or tuna. Cut and peel fruit so it’s quick and easy to eat. Include water or an unsweetened milk or soy beverage to drink.

Find more on healthy food choices on the Fraser Health website:

Breakfast is Important

Sometimes it can be tough to get the family out the door on time and provide a nutritious breakfast. Here are some simple and quick breakfast ideas for when you’re running low on time:

· Cook oatmeal in the microwave in three minutes. Add milk, fruit and nuts for a nutritious meal.

· Hard boil eggs and keep them in the fridge. Pair them with toast and a piece of fruit for a balanced meal that’ll keep kids full all morning.

· No time? Grab a piece of fruit and a yogurt for a breakfast on the run. Or try preparing breakfast the night before.

Learn more about healthy breakfast grab and go items: