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Blog: Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Remembrance Day

As we are not able to have school assemblies at this time, our Remembrance Day activities will need to happen in classrooms.  Next Tuesday, November 10th @ 11:00 AM, our activities will be started with me coming on the PA, sharing the indigenous acknowledgement, leading in O Canada, and in the moment of silence, then letting students know that the remainder of the service will happen in their classroom, as they review short videos songs, poems, and reflections of from Godson classes and groups of students.  It is the first time it has been done in this way.  Although it is very different from the norm, we felt strongly that due to the regard we as Canadians have for the men and women who have fought to keep peace in our world, Remembrance Day reflections need to happen again this year.  The time and efforts of many Godson students has allowed us to all enjoy Remembrance Day reflections again this year.

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