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Indigenous Education


Indigenous students attending Godson Elementary experience high levels of success. This can be attributed to many reasons, including close home/school relationship, academic support and cultural enrichment activities.
1. Home School Connections include ongoing communication, open door policy in the school and Indigenous room and district family gatherings.
2. Academic Support includes: small group instruction, high school reading tutors, after school homework, student mentors, teaching assistant support, scholarships for 'Read and Rec'  summer program...  The Grade Four Social Studies program included: soapstone carving, Inuit Culture, baked bannock measurement, Stol:lo fishing tools and implements, Stol:lo tools and implements, First Nations Government past and present, Salish Weaving and Cedar.
3. Cultural Enrichment include - variety of cultural art projects, sharing circles, presentations, field trips, Salish Weaving, Tipi presentation, storytelling and more.
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