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Strong Start

StrongStart BC is a free, drop-in early learning program for preschool-aged children  accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities, including stories, music and art to help children get ready for success in kindergarten.
Parents and caregivers attending StrongStart BC centers can expect to participate in organized sessions like story time, in play activities, and in serving a healthy snack.
Parents and caregivers are likely to discover new ways to support their children's learning at home, and may make valuable connections with others attending the center.
A list of up-and-running StrongStart BC centres is available online. The centers are open at least three hours a day and five days a week. For details on an existing or future centre, contact the local school district.
The Province has offered all of B.C.'s 60 school districts the opportunity to participate in the program and almost all are taking advantage.
StrongStart BC centers are located in school facilities and fulfill the government's election platform and throne speech commitment to use underutilized school spaces to deliver early learning services.
Strongstart BC is a FREE parent and child drop in program. It is geared towards children ages 2-5, but older and younger children are definitely accomodated. Activities include arts and crafts, music and movement, drama, physical recreation, circle time, free play and a nutritious snack. Itís a great way to connect with your child and have them interact with other children their age.